Boon Uranukul

Graduate student


Boon was born and raised in Thailand. Upon completing high school education in 2007, he came to the United States on the King’s scholarship of Thailand which offered a full ride for college education in the United States.  Boon received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in 2012 and a Master of Engineering degree in 2013 from Johns Hopkins University. Outside of research, Boon is an ACE certified group fitness instructor with the license to teach Zumba® classes. He enjoys going to a variety of group exercise classes, practicing new dance routines, and doing outdoor activities like kayaking, sailing and hiking. Boon is a member of the 2017-2018 Martin Family Society Fellows for Sustainability. This fellowship program is the centerpiece of MIT’s graduate education in the area of environment and sustainability.

At present, Boon is a doctoral candidate in Dr. Gregory Stephanopoulos’ research group. His dissertation focuses on the renewable production of plastic precursor chemicals from agricultural waste feedstock using microbes, such as Baker’s yeast. His research aims to develop an efficient, cost-effective and scalable bioprocess for producing these chemicals in order to offer a competitive alternative to conventional chemical synthesis from fossil resources.

Email: uranukul (at) mit (dot) edu



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