Zhengshan Luo

Visiting Student


Zhengshan was born in Jingzhou, Hubei, China. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate from the School of Biotechnology at Jiangnan University, China. His Ph.D. project is to achieve large scale production of pyruvate in Candida glabrata based on the demonstration of the key limiting steps during the process. In 2017, he joined the Metabolic Engineering Laboratory at MIT as a visiting student and his research interest focuses on the biosynthesis of natural products and lipids in Yarrowia lipolytica.

Email: luozs (at) mit (dot) edu


Z. Luo, S. Liu, G. Du, S. Xu, J. Zhou, J. Chen, Enhanced pyruvate production in Candida glabrata by carrier engineering. Biotechnology and bioengineering 115, 473-482 (2018)

Z. Luo, S. Liu, G. Du, J. Zhou, J. Chen, Identification of a polysaccharide produced by the pyruvate overproducer Candida glabrata CCTCC M202019. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 101, 4447-4458 (2017)

Z. Luo, W. Zeng, G. Du, S. Liu, F. Fang, J. Zhou, J. Chen, A high-throughput screening procedure for enhancing pyruvate production in Candida glabrata by random mutagenesis. Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 40, 693-701 (2017)

X. Cao, Z. Luo, W. Zeng, S. Xu, L. Zhao, J. Zhou, Enhanced avermectin production by Streptomyces avermitilis ATCC 31267 using high-throughput screening aided by fluorescence-activated cell sorting. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102, 703-712 (2018)